Nevada City


Searching for Snow in California

I know that many of you live in places where snow falls. A lot. Every winter. I however, do not live in such a place. I actually did not see falling snow until I was in my 20’s. I’m from Los Angeles. My family vacationed in Lake Arrowhead, California in the winter, so I did spend time playing in the snow as a child– but somehow we never managed to catch the stuff falling from the sky. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about the whole process. At least until one winter morning when I saw the magical flakes swirling around and eventually wrapping the forest in a beautiful white blanket. A site I will never forget.

So when the weather forecast called for a big snowstorm in Nevada City, one of my favorite new discoveries in our area (a little over an hour away), and my husband said, “If you want to spend a couple days in real falling snow, we’d better get up there before the roads close.” — I started packing my bags before he could change his mind. After all, he IS from Canada and the site of freshly falling snow is not quite the event for him that it is for me 😉

Nevada City, California

Nevada City is one of California’s many Gold Rush towns, developed in 1849. We love how quaint and well-preserved it is. We have visited several times, but this was to be our first time venturing there seeking a white winter experience. Even though the much-anticipated huge storm didn’t materialize– we did get some nice snow flurries.

Nevada City, California

It always amazes me how willing I am to go out in any weather once the photography bug hits me. Even though I am normally a stay-by-the-fire with a laptop and hot cup of tea kind of person– as soon as I look out the window and see something NEW to photograph, I’m out the door. The snow started falling close to sunset so I quickly put on a warm jacket, grabbed my camera and headed for the nearby St. Canice Cemetery.

St. Canice Cemetery, Nevada City
St. Canice Cemetery, Nevada City

The darkness fell quickly so I headed back to our B&B.

Broad street B & B Sign

I woke early the next morning and headed out to see what this former mining town looked like with a dusting of snow. This cowboy was the only person I encountered. I figured that he knew the place to go for a hot cup of coffee. I followed him. He did.

Nevada City, California

After warming up a bit (inside and out), I wandered around– falling in love all over again with this charming place and it’s distinctive sense of California’s history .

Foundry Garage, Nevada City
Spring Street, Nevada City

Before long the clouds started to part and the sun was peeking through. Somehow I’m always drawn to the churches. I love the architecture and (for me) the still-lingering sense of faith & community.

Nevada City United Methodist Church
St. Canice Catholic Church
Broad Street, Nevada City

So all in all, a great experience. Needless to say, we’ll be back. My husband, my camera and me. Sunshine, rain or snow.